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GREETINGS in Christ Jesus


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Grace Haven Ministry is a  non-profit 501c3 organization located in Lancaster, Ohio.

We are dedicated to helping ladies who are in recovery from addiction.  We offer a sober and safe living environment, Christ centered/faith based. 


We take no government assistance and solely rely on donations from churches, individuals, and businesses.  We believe in Rescue, Restore, Renew as we present Jesus Christ as a way to be set free from addiction.


We currently own and operate a home to help women in different phases of addiction recovery.  Ladies coming here are asked to commit 90 days to work at a reset of body, mind and spirit.  We believe Jesus truly can set people free from addiction.  We design the program so ladies can take full advantage of community services such as counseling, physician and dental care, as well as individual out patient service counseling if needed.


Our curriculum is made up of Bible studies, exercise, cooking, budgeting, other life skills, craft and art therapy sessions, meetings, and safe social activities. Ladies without high school diplomas will be assisted in obtaining a GED.


Toward the end of 90 days ladies begin job searches with the help of Fairfield County Work Force Reentry services provided by Jobs and Family services. They are shown how to do resumes, fill out applications, and sit for interviews.  Once the have a job they move to our final phase housing  they share in utilities and live until they can accrue enough money to strike out on their own, but still they are required to attend church and Bible studies and all house activities not affecting their job.




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