House Supervisor

A House Supervisor will be a positive and supportive person in the residents life, will oversee that the residents are upholding the rules and guidelines and that the daily functions of the home are running smoothly. This position is an in-house position. Private living quarters are available for the House Supervisor



Sponsors can lead one of the programs that are offered at Grace Haven as well as lead a casual bible study, teach a finance class and lead a health & wellness session.


Mentors are paired with a specific resident to become a Christ-like role model to them. Mentors can offer prayers, encouragement, accountability and become a trustworthy person in their life. 


Volunteers assist with various Grace Haven projects. We can find a special spot for you to serve if you have a specific skill set. Volunteers can teach a trade or craft, help with maintence, offer transportation, host a game night or cook with them. 


Resident Application
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