Loretta, wife of Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen along with Kathi Meyer and other volunteers, founded Grace Haven Ministries.  Shortly after Loretta's husband took office, he expanded the ministry to bring many area churches and volunteers to share the Gospel with inmates at the Fairfield County jail. At the time, Loretta felt a strong call to become more involved in that jail ministry. After several years of ministering in the jail, Loretta witnessed firsthand the heartbreaking circumstances of women who made poor choices but wanted a new start. Many of these women were followers of Jesus Christ. When the ladies left the jail, some had nowhere to go, nothing to wear and nothing to eat. Some were left with no other choice but to return to the environment and circumstances that they were in previously. Without help and support it was nearly impossible for these individuals to make a break from their old lifestyles. Throughout the past eight years under Loretta's direction, Grace Haven Ministries has grown from a rented home to two homes with room for eight women and has served over 100 residents. Loretta worked on this labor of love until May 2014.


Loretta and husband, Dave Phalen reside in Lancaster, Ohio and attend Fairfield Christian Church. Together they share three grandchildren and seven grandchildren. Loretta has an Associates of Science and Bachelor of Science in Education degree from Ohio University and a Masters of Education degree from Cedarville University; she's also taught first and fourth grade at Fairfield Christian Academy. Both Loretta and Dave continue to have the desire to live for the Lord Jesus Christ and do his will.                                                          

Grace Place & Sarah's House of Hope

The Grace House opened in 2007 and is fully funded through the gifts of individuals and area churches who believe there is a great need for a safe living environment that meets the basic needs of women and offering them an opportunity for a new beginning. 


Sarah's House of Hope opened in 2012. This home is dedicated to a dear friend who had lost her life to a driver with an addiction. This home is lovingly dedicated to women, mothers, daughters, wives and sisters who have made poor choices and by the Grace of God have the opportunity to have a new life in Jesus Christ. This house was sold in 2018 in hopes to purchase to a larger home to help serve more women.